• Packers


    We can offer a series of packers size ranges from 2-1/4” to 12”, set mechanically, hydraulically, through electric line or wireline, as well as permanent packer and retrievable packer.

  • Dissolvable Frac Plug


    The Dissolvable Frac Plug is a newly designed and developed frac equipment that has been successfully applied for several hundred wells. Our Dissolvable Frac Plug is a more reliable, more stable and more cost effective dissolvable Frac Plug on the market. With predictable dissolve rates in as little as 1% brine fluid the DFP will bring your well on-line for a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

  • Dissolvable Material


    Dissolvable material is the newly developed technology in well completion area. The material enables the downhole equipment to be dissolved automatically in the wellbore without any other operation to the well, leaving the full ID of the well. Saving the cost and risk of more operation to remove the downhole completion equipment and tools.We are the advanced dissolvable alloy and dissolvable elastomer supplier. Our world-leading RD facility and capability enable us to customize the dissolvable



    GAS VENT PUMPING PACKERThe Gas Vent Pumping Packer offers an inexpensive option for isolating casing leaks or depleted perforations in pumpingwells. This tool prevents gas lock by allowing gas to vent to the surface past damaged zones. The interval betweentop and bottom cups can be any length. This packer is available with double or multiple cups.Special Featuresl Inexpensive alternative to squeeze jobl Variable intervals easily adjustedl Optional double cups to multiple cupsProduct Specificatio

  • LNG


    We have large resources of LNG supply along China east seacoast. We can provide the LNG product to industrial, commercial and residential usage with sufficient, reliable and more competitive price to the customers in China. Give us a hit, we can get the best match for you.LNG is the clean energy and it achieves a higher reduction in volume thancompressed natural gas(CNG) so that the (volumetric)energy densityof LNG is 2.4times greater than that of CNG (at 250 bar) or 60 percent that ofdiesel fue

  • Biodiesel


    Biodiesel is a clean-burning sustainable diesel fuel substitute. It is renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly and provides engine lubricity improvements while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.Biodiesel BenefitsRenewable its renewability is 84.6%.Higher Cetane Number The cetane number of biodiesel is generally between 46 and 60, whereas that of petro diesel is only around 40 to 45. Cleaner Burning Biodiesel emissions are significantly lower compared to diesel fuel

  • Enhanced Micro-bubble Drilling Fluids System


    Enhanced Micro-Bubble Drilling Fluids — a better solution of drilling fluids for Underbalanced Drilling, Reservoir Protection & Leakage Prevention.



    The ULTRON Plug is a zonal isolation tool with a larger ID for long reach laterals. As the industry grows to more advanced drilling and completions practices, it requires more advanced zonal isolation. The ULTRON Plug is paramount for your next plug and perf operation. Like other plugs it is run in conjuction with your perforating guns via wireline but requires no mill out intervention after pumping operations are completed.Special Features: Anti-Preset Design Running Tooll Largest ID