The CIW Bridge Plug is designed to have excellent running characteristics and secure sets. This plug can be set on different types of Wireline Pressure Setting Tools as well as with Hydraulic Setting Tools. This plug is designed for rapid drill-out while maintaining sufficient strength during the set. It is designed for high differential pressures and temperatures up to 250°F with standard Nitrile element and O-ring. Different elastomers are available for higher temperatures. The short, compact, interlocked construction assures the CIW Bridge

Plug will provide faster, safer run-in, dependable set and pack-off, and hold pressure that is safe for the casing weight and grade. The interlock construction and compact size requires minimal material removal during drill out.


Special Features

l  Electric, wireline or hydraulic set

l  Drillable, cast iron construction

l  One piece break-apart slips

l  Rubber extrusion resisting backups on elements

l  Sets with common setting sleeves

l  Locking mechanism for ease in drilling multiple plugs


Product Specifications