Dissolvable Frac Plug


We newly designed and developed Silver Bullet dissolvable frac plug with compact layout, reliable performance and desired dissolution rate. It is a cost saving efficient frac tool, made of fully dissolvable material with the final residue size is no more than 50 mesh, which can be easily flow back from the well or pump out of the well in later production stage.  


Special Features

l  Anti-Preset Design

l  Industries first fully dissolvable element

l  Rated 10,00psi and 250F

l  Predictable dissolve rates based on temperature and salitity

l  Industry Standard Setting Tools (Baker 10/20)


Engineering data

Pull Strength

30,000 lbs

13,333 DaN

Burst Strength

10,000 psi

69.0 MPa

Collapse Pressure

10,000 psi

69.0 MPa


Set test result: 


Pressure test result: