Match Tech , Match your need

Match technology is committed to research, develop and collect the cutting-edge technologies to deliver more appropriate products or solutions to our customers. We believe there is a more suitable way to solve the problem,and we are devoted to achieve it.  


We define appropriacy with efficiency, simplicity and economy. It means more efficient and more reliable method with simpler operation and less cost.There may exist several ways to solve the problem, but it could be only one of them can fit to solve the problem better. Only the right tool, the right product or the right solution can solve the problem efficiently, reliably and safely.  


We have an expanding pool of technology and product, combining broad knowledge and scientific analysis method, which enable us the capability to develop a more suitable product and solution. We thoroughly analyze and understand our customers’ need and purpose, then design and develop the  appropriate product or solution for it.


Our consulting service ranges from technology to business development and management.Through broadly approaching to worldwide resources, closely integrating all related knowledge, the solid experience and competence of our team, we offer our customers the right direction, efficient method and effective guidance to achieve what they want to arrive.


Trading and agenting is our another business line. Though it is a very traditional business model, it is still  a simpler and more efficient business mode. It is a quick way to penetrate the market, to develop the market  and to satisfy the demand of the end users instantly. 

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